[Employment status]
Full-time employee / part-time job * There is a trial period

[Occupation type]
1. Planning and Production
2. PR
3. Sales
4. Pattern Maker
5. WEB marketing
6. EC customer support (part-time job)
7. Shop staff (part-time job)

[Work location]
1-5. Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
6-7. Within Tokyo

[Working hours]
1-6. 10: 00-19: 00
7. 11: 00-20: 30 

[Holidays / holidays]
1-5. Weekly two-day system, summer / winter leave, paid leave
* There are several holidays a year
6-7. Weekly two-day shift system / paid leave

According to our regulations

1-7. Complete insurance, transportation expenses, employee discount system
6-7. Employee employment system

[Application conditions]
1. Practical experience in planning and production
1-2. Practical experience of Illustrator / Photoshop
3. English (business level)
4. Pattern Maker (Toray Leclair Component II) work experience
5. WEB marketing work experience
6. English or Chinese language (business level)
1-6. Basic computer skills
1-7. Must live in Japan
1-7. Japanese language (business level)

Desired Skills 
1. Work experience such as OEM / ODM
1-2. English language (business level)

[Application method]
Please create a resume and send it to our recruiting account ( by email.
Only those who have passed the document screening will be contacted. Please note that we cannot respond to inquiries by e-mail.