Having been a lifelong fan of motorcycles and related countercultures, Takizawa Shinsuke founded NEIGHBORHOOD in 1994.
The brand is based on the concept of “reinterpreting motorcycle, military, outdoor, and Native American elements and incorporating them into basic clothing, and presenting them as a lifestyle.” This concept has been a constant theme throughout the seasons, and is reflected in all of NEIGHBORHOOD’s products and projects.

NEIGHBORHOOD is known for their distressed denim products which are updated each season, leather jackets that are reminiscent of biker culture, as well as a wide array of accessories including eyewear, home decor, and bike related goods. Being a lifestyle brand, NEIGHBORHOOD scaled down their products to 1/3 of the normal size for their kids line, “NEIGHBORHOOD ONE THIRD”.

NEIGHBORHOOD has been expanding its creative output by collaborating with numerous Japanese and global brands, and also producing merchandise in collaboration with various films.

Currently with flagship stores in Harajuku, Shibuya and Yokohama, NEIGHBORHOOD also has three stores in Hankyu Mens Tokyo, Hankyu Mens Osaka, Hakata Hankyu in Fukuoka, and seven HOODS stores across Japan, as well as overseas locations in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Seoul.
A new location was opened inside the Shinjuku Isetan Mens department store in February 2019, and numerous boutiques in Japan as well as around the world stock NEIGHBORHOOD products.

With more upcoming projects and new developments overseas, NEIGHBORHOOD continues to expand its presence around the world.